Evansville Redevelopment Commission announces top five priorities for the new year

Evansville Redevelopment Commission announces top five priorities for the new year

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - New plans are in the works for the city of Evansville. On Tuesday, the redevelopment commission announced its biggest priorities for the new year.

Evansville Redevelopment Commission President, Randy Alsman said, "You cant build a hotel and fill it if there's nothing to do and you can't build something and have lots of opportunities for recreation but no one can come see it because there's no hotel space."

The Evansville Redevelopment Commission made a big announcement about their main plans for Evansville in 2018.

Alsman said,  "The open lot that's by the Bru Burger, a prime downtown spot for development. We're very close to having a developer move in."

The commission said the state of Indiana is investing several million dollars into that development for new housing.

Director of Metropolitan Development, Kelley Coures said, "It's critical for downtown development because it could be as many as 150 new living units in the downtown. So in order to get that critical mass of more people in the downtown 24-hours a day you have to have living units.

This park in the downtown area at fourth and main, owned by a local family could also soon see a facelift if the city is able to take it over.

"To completely redevelop it into more of a town square, you know a central park, a central space for gathering, for entertainment, for relaxation," said Coures.

As part of the Evansville master plan, the commission also hopes to work with the economic improvement district to continue to give downtown a facelift.

"The EID will take many of the things that currently are not done downtown, beautification of main street and downtown itself, attracting new private businesses," said Coures.

The Jacobsville neighborhood is also on the commissions radar as an area of much needed improvements. Coures said, "That's one of the highest poverty areas in the city. We want to create a synergy in that area which creates new housing opportunities. We want to be able to create an atmosphere that will create new jobs and new businesses along north main."

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