Loud booms concerning some Tri-State residents

Loud booms concerning some Tri-State residents

SPENCER CO., IN (WFIE) - Several people in Spencer County have reported hearing and feeling loud booms.

Emergency Management officials say most of the reports are coming in during the day. We're told DNR blasting specialists say they were able to confirm two loud booms reported in the past few days were definitely from coal blasting in the area. Some residents still say they aren't so sure.

"I was sitting on my porch a couple Saturdays ago about 7:45 p.m. and I just heard this loud explosion, then followed shortly by another not quite as loud explosion almost like an echo of the first explosion," said Highland Resident Ben Harlan.

It's a familiar sound for some people in Spencer County who say this has been happening every day. Some people tell me it's causing their home to shake.

"It sounded like something really blew up," Harlan said.

EMA officials say the reports actually started coming in last January. According to DNR - a lot of the reports coincide with mine blasting in surrounding counties.

There are four active mines around Spencer County. Somerville South in Gibson County and Liberty Mine, Peabody Wild Boar mine and West 61 mine all in Warrick County.

So it is possible to feel the impact of a mine blast even in Spencer County?

"Based on what I am being told by DNR it is possible to reach our county because of the atmospheric conditions this time of year," said Spencer Co. EMA Director Stephanie Melton. "There are no leaves on trees that are absorbing any of this. We have the valleys but especially if you live up on a hill it's also easier to make contact."

We're told mine blasting is legal and not harmful to people. If you think you've experienced a blast, Spencer County EMA officials say you should contact them at (812) 649-6020.

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