Clinics available for new immunization requirements for KY students

Clinics available for new immunization requirements for KY students

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Before the start of next school year, many students in Kentucky will need at least one new vaccine.

"I think it's very nerve wrecking for parents to be told, hey we're getting our vaccines all on schedule and then all of a sudden there are new requirements that come out," nursing supervisor at the Daviess County Health Department Ashley Holderby said.

Those include a two shot series of a Hepatitis A vaccine for every student, and a meningitis booster for students ages 16 and older.

But the Daviess County Health Department is trying to make that easier for students who qualify for The Vaccines for Children Program.

"I know that if we can reach out and say look just come on in and give us a call," Holderby explained. "We can go ahead and get these shots to you so that they can get into school."

And since the two Hepatitis A shots need to be six months apart, it's best to get you child vaccinated as soon as possible.

"Once they get that vaccine they will have a record that is good until two weeks after the six month period," Holderby said.

A certificate of immunization must be provided to the school once those immunizations are complete.

Braiden Gibson is a fifth grader at Daviess County Middle School and braved his Hepatitis A shot on Tuesday.

"I was nervous," he said. "Cause I didn't know if it was gonna hurt."

But even this 10-year-old knows how important getting vaccines really is.

"It helps protect you," Gibson said.

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