Taking A Stand: Olympic lessons

Starting this week on 14 News you can watch the Winter Olympics from South Korea.
One of the things that I like about the Olympics is that it's something the entire family can watch together.
If you think about it, the games also provide all of us with life lessons and positive inspiration. These lessons present an opportunity to instill in each of us, but may be particularly important to kids.
A few lessons that come to mind are:
Excellence requires hard work. While some athletes are born with incredible talent, most sacrifice much for many years to prepare for the Olympics.
Overcoming challenges is an ingredient of achievement. This is always key factor that is communicated through various stories on the athletes that we will see. The bigger the dream, the bigger the obstacles to overcome.
Not everyone gets a medal. Unlike most of today's organized sports or school events, only the very best performers are rewarded medals in the Olympics. Results matter here and the winners earn their medals outright.
The world comes together. We live in a world where war exists and countries are at odds with one another. We report news of horrible things going on in the world.
Every two years, it's nice to watch an event that brings all countries together and unite as one.
We hope you enjoy the next two weeks of the Winter Olympics coverage on 14 News.

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