Community stepping up to help family after young boy's death

Community stepping up to help family after young boy's death

MUHLENBERG CO., KY (WFIE) - The 5-year-old boy, who was severely burned in a house fire over the weekend, has passed away.

A Muhlenberg County family has only just begun to make sense of what happened Saturday and why Levi Case, 5-years-old, is gone. Case died Sunday of complications from his injuries in the fire.

The boy, just spending the night at his great uncle, Mitchell Kyle's house when the fire broke out.

"I looked out the window and the house was on fire," explained Jefl Whitmer, Levi's uncle. "This room right here was already coming out the room. I run out the door, didn't put on no clothes on there. All I had was a pair of boxers. And then I started up the hill and Benji come up this way, hollering and a screaming and went to the door. He tried to get the door open and couldn't get the door open so he went around by the window. And he was gonna try to open the window. And I hollered. I was about right there and I said kick the door in! He kicked the door in, stepped in there about two steps and grabbed the boy."

Benjamin Harris, another uncle of Levi's, rescued Levi from the fire and had minor injuries. But Levi was flown to Vanderbilt Hospital. His family tell us Levi was a sweet and stubborn little boy that fought until the end.

"He had a good personality," Whitmer said. "He was a good kid, you know. You couldn't help but fall in love with him. I'm telling you he was a good kid."

His mom tells us Levi loved trucks and wanted to be a truck driver like his dad. The thought of the future makes this even harder.

Now the community is rallying around the family. The American Legion has decided to host a benefit to raise money for Levi's family.

"You know we heard this story like everyone," said Matthew Green, who is organizing a benefit for Levi's family. "And this is one of those stories that just touched our hearts. You know? It's really so sad. and when things like that happen in a small community like this everybody pretty much tries to pull together."

The Legion just wants the family to feel the support.

"It's really all about the family," Green explained. "For them, you know, and letting them know we support, and are behind them, and that people care."

And Levi's family's message has been one of complete gratitude.

If you want to support the Case family, that event is at the Central City American Legion on Feb. 17.

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