Tri-State woman celebrates 104 years of joy, music with 7 generations

Tri-State woman celebrates 104 years of joy, music with 7 generations

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - It's not every day someone can say they're turning 104 years old, but Saturday was that special day for one Madisonville woman.

Seven generations of family came together to celebrate in song.

She's 104-years-old, and she's still got it.

Corria Mimms often plays the piano for anyone who will listen. She's been playing for as long as she can remember.

But on her birthday, there was a special audience. Seven generations traveled from hours away to celebrate another year of life.

"Driving here, I was so giddy, and all I could think about was yes," Corria's granddaughter Andraya Mimms said.

Andraya wouldn't miss this for anything.

"This is the most momentous occasion to be here with my grandmother."

You see, it was also Andraya's birthday. The family was laughing as Corria remembered getting the gift of another granddaughter on that day, 52 years ago.

The math works out so her grandmother is exactly twice her age.

"She's got great genes. I'm so happy I've got a little piece of that," Andraya said.

Corria has also passed down her passion for music.

"We've got folks that play other instruments: drums, guitar. Other folks that are very famous singers, actors. It's just in our blood," Andraya explained.

Corria's great, great nephew is Grammy award winner Philip Lawrence.

Naturally, any family get-together is not complete without singing.

Corria's family credits her longevity to joy and faith.

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