"I'm sick," says woman who discovered Megan Nichols' remains

"I'm sick," says woman who discovered Megan Nichols' remains

FAIRFIELD, IL (WFIE) - We're hearing from the woman who discovered the human remains that turned out to be Megan Nichols.

The FBI identified the body this week.  It was discovered last month in a rural area south of Fairfield, Illinois where Nichols lived. The teenager had been missing for nearly four years.

Why did she go missing? And how did she die? The community wants answers even as it mourns.

We first introduced you to Jacque Beck in December when she and her boyfriend, Carl Vaughn,  called police after they discovered a skull and bones in a field. They told us then, it was hard to see, yet they hoped, it would bring someone, somewhere, the closure they've been needing.

"Finding something like that is hard enough, but knowing the person, is ten times worse," said Jacque Beck.

Beck says she and her boyfriend, Vaughn, knew 15-year-old Megan and her family.

"I'm sick. It made me sick. My stomach turned," Beck described how she felt when she learned the news Tuesday. "The whole town is torn up over it."

Megan Nichols and her story is something Fairfield has never forgotten.

Investigators haven't released details on her disappearance or how she might have died. They are asking for people with any information to call the police or the FBI. Megan's mother, someone Beck says she knows and feels for, is grieving in private.

"Her nightmare became a reality," said Beck. "They were always together. I don't think I've ever seen them apart. I sent her a message, because, I thought I needed to do something. I wanted to let her know that I'm sorry, because, being the ones out there, it was hard."

For Beck and the entire town, memories of Megan's live on. But questions, have only just begun.

"People have their opinions, you know. Rumors fly. But, you just never know," said Beck.

If you know anything about Nichols' case, please call the Fairfield Police Department at (618) 842-2151.?

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