Peace of Mind Project: Hooked on our smartphones

Peace of Mind Project: Hooked on our smartphones

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - We're all guilty of it, but a New York Times article aims to help us be more aware of ourselves, helping us put the phones down and realize how much we're missing in our daily lives.

"And then I'll hit Instagram, then Facebook, then Snapchat, so I'll look at everybody."

USI Freshman, Kelsey Nash admits she can't go can't go a few minutes without checking her phone. The author of that article, Jane Brody shared a shocking statistic: most of us check our phones 150 times a day or every six minutes.

"I walk to class to class. I'm on it. You'll see me almost running into stuff, looking at it." says Nash.

Brody says we spend our days glued to our smartphones..saying we could learn something from the creator of "Hamilton" the musical. She said Lin Manuel Miranda was asked where and when he finds the time to be creative.

He said the good ideas come in the moments of rest. When he's in the shower or drawing or playing trains with his son.

"Like everything else, there's the good, the bad, the ugly. It does connect us. If someone is shy, these things can help people communicate in ways they might be reluctant to."

USI Professor of Communications Studies, Leigh Anne Howard says the bad comes when we replace conversation with that instant communication...ignoring the people around us.

Something Nash says she'll consider next time she's walking around campus.

"I think its a good idea. Me. I need to get off my phone. I need to look around, do something on campus rather than look at my phone and walk to class."

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