Ice melt and sand flying off Princeton Rural King shelves

Ice melt and sand flying off Princeton Rural King shelves

PRINCETON, IN (WFIE) - Winter supplies are flying off the shelves around the Tri-State.

Rural King in Princeton says 'busy' is an understatement. Store leaders are seeing a run on ice melt and sand.

Store Manager Cindy Wall told us since opening Thursday morning, people have constantly coming in to get bags, and they'll likely be out by closing time.

Shovels are also a hot commodity ahead of the predicted snow storm. During the most recent cold snap, Rural King says they sold out of heating items such as fuel additives, winterizes and items to keep pets warm.

With the lack of snow so far this season, Wall says people are unsure what to expect, leading to an uptick in business.

"It could go either way for us. We've had some mild winters, so folks have gotten spoiled, but we're right there on the line to where it could be bad.  They don't have these products year round so they have to stock up prior to a weather report," manager Cindy Wall says.

Wall adds that the store will get more sand and salt, but other seasonal items, like heavy clothing, will be on a limited supply.

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