Deep cleaning underway in Ohio County Schools, closed due to illness

Deep cleaning underway in Ohio County Schools, closed due to illness

OHIO CO., KY (WFIE) - Sickness has taken its toll on the Ohio County School District.

So much so that classes are canceled for the remainder of the week. We're told attendance numbers have gone down this week.

On Wednesday, Southern Elementary School was only at 60%.

"When you have well over a third of the entire student body out and most of the cases are reported either stomach virus of the flu bug, we felt like we have to do something," Ohio County Assistant Superintendent Seth Southard said.

Southard said he and Superintendent Scott Lewis made the decision to cancel classes after consulting with local doctors. Now custodians are taking measures into their own hands.

"They are scrubbing the floors anything that the students touch, the walls, the handles, the water fountains, tables, chairs. They are trying to use sanitizer and disinfect it on everything kids can possibly touch and get their fingers on," Southard said.

School officials say last year classes were canceled for the same reason.

"We felt like it was worth it because hopefully this will work and after the 5 days maybe the flu will be out of our schools," Southard said. "If you just keep going and try to ride it out and keep going it never really goes away that it takes weeks if not a month or better for it to truly run it's course through everybody - hopefully when we come back on Tuesday we will be healthy once again and can continue this next semester."

Classes resume on Tuesday, January 16.

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