Vectren crews ready for winter storm, prepare for possible power outages

Vectren crews ready for winter storm, prepare for possible power outages

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Friday's winter storm is on its way and this storm comes with the potential for power outages. The more people experiencing outages, the longer it could take for you to get your power back on.

Vectren said its crews are ready for whatever this winter storm brings our way. They have checked their equipment. Now, it is just a waiting game to see how much snow and ice we get.

Vectren told us it is the ice that increases the threat of power outages. A quarter of an inch of ice is about as much as an overhead power line can handle.

The more ice we see, the more likely it is that we will see power lines go down. Some things you may want to have on hand just in case this happens to you are a fully charged mobile phone, and battery-powered devices like a flashlight and radio. Stock up on canned foods that do not require cooking and bottled water.

If you see a power line down, do not go near it. Vectren is ready.

"If we were to experience power outages we will be appropriately staffed and have additional crews on hand to make sure that we are restoring that power as quickly and safely as possible. We also want to make sure that our customers are reporting their power outages and not to just assume that we know that you are out. There are multiple ways a customer can report a power outage to Vectren," said Vectren Director of Corporate Communications Natalie Hedde.

Hedde said the most efficient way to report an outage is not by calling but through their mobile platforms.

You can report on the company's website, download the mobile Vectren app, or text the word "OUT" to 83212.

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