Charges against Billy Joe Miles could be dismissed

Charges against Billy Joe Miles could be dismissed

DAVIESS CO., IN (WFIE) - There are new developments in the case against prominent Owensboro businessman Billy Joe Miles.

On Monday, prosecutors for the Kentucky Attorney General's office filed a motion to dismiss the charges against the 76-year-old.

"When the victim recently said she did not want to move forward with the case because of the emotional stress of it, that's when our office respected her decision and decided to dismiss," Crystal Staley, Deputy Communications Director, with Kentucky's Attorney General Office explained.

In 2016, Miles was indicted for rape, sodomy, and bribery of witness from an incident where a woman was allegedly raped in his home.

"The office of the Attorney General is victim-centered and it's always our responsibility to seek justice for the victim" Staley added.

According to an affidavit, the decision to end the case came after the Judge ruled Miles' defense team could question her during the trail about the harassment claims including Kentucky State Police's investigation into a car fire the alleged victim reported.

KSP says they're only a week or two away from closing this case.

After a lengthy arson investigation, Troopers confirm the fire was started by a person, and that it occurred in the driver's area, but could not determine who is responsible.

"Nor could we rule out that the operator, in this case, the alleged victim, was the source of the fire," Trooper Corey King stated.

There was also an incident where a hammer was allegedly thrown through the car's window.
That report was lumped in with this fire investigation. Troopers were not able to find witnesses or surveillance video. Right now, that vehicle remains in KSP's possession.

A hearing is set for January 16 at 9 a.m.

The court plans to hear the Commonwealth's motion to dismiss.

Miles' attorney, Scott C. Cox, says although there is a motion to dismiss, right now they are waiting for the special Judge's decision before commenting.

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