Evansville star back in town for annual charity event

Evansville star back in town for annual charity event

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - An Evansville star was back in town for an annual charity event.

Don Mattingly brought in former teammate Bernie Williams to be his special guest as well as the musical entertainment for the night, and both were ecstatic to be together again.

Mattingly and Williams played for the Yankees together in the early 90s, but now, they maybe see one another once a year if they are lucky.

Mattingly was playing in New York for Nearly a decade when Williams joined the team in 1991.

Williams said he struggled early on when he first entered the major leagues trying to establish himself, but that Mattingly was huge in showing him the ropes and helping him navigate the MLB and playing in a huge market like New York.

Not only did Mattingly and Williams get to catch up, but Bernie who is also now a Grammy-nominated guitarist showed off his musical skills.

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