Statewide computer glitch causes problems for KY drivers

Statewide computer glitch causes problems for KY drivers

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - A statewide glitch has caused problems for Kentucky drivers trying to renew their plates.

The computer problem is continuing to plague county clerk's office.

According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, KAVIS, or Kentucky Automated Vehicle Information System, began experiencing problems with its server data connection. It's a problem that was felt all across the state.

The KTC switched to a new point of sale program for motor vehicle transactions Tuesday, but because of the glitch, many clerks were not able to process motor vehicle transactions.

Those issues included vehicle registration, transfers, and handicap tags.

The county clerk in Henderson told 14 News they've been recommended to use their former system until KAVIS is repaired.

"The people who were coming in, we were basically taking their information, or if it was a transfer, we were making sure their paperwork was signed correctly and making sure they had everything they needed for when they do return," Henderson County Clerk Renesa Abner.

Once the server connection is stabilized, it'll be a uniform system for all 120 Kentucky counties.

The hiccup, however, has caused some long waits.

If you're unsure if your county has a functioning system, give your county clerk's office a call ahead of time.

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