The Creme now accepting crypto currency

The Creme now accepting crypto currency

OWENSBORO, Ky. (AP) - - Handing back dollar bills won't be quite as common at The Creme in downtown Owensboro.

The coffee shop is now accepting crypto currency as payment, but that they also have their own crypto currency: Creme Beans.

Now you can enjoy coffee and the Creme saves on credit card and other fees.

"Thousands and thousands of dollars in fees," Adam Patterson the owner of The Creme told us.

The savings can be invested back into coffee shop or back to the community.

Patterson sees crypto currency as a way to level the playing field.

"Little Owensboro in the corner is now just as equal as New York City or LA or Hong Kong or Beijing," he said. "Because we can do business the same as they can."

Bringing the new way to pay to Owensboro is something many people are excited about.

Kein: "Why would a small coffee shop in Owensboro, Kentucky be using crypto currency?" Kein Washington, an employee at The Creme asked. "I think that will not only peak the interest of people locally but I think like around like in Evansville will come down."

And although many people don't understand the concept of crypto currency just yet, the hope is, this will be the new global currency.

"It's a learning curve for all of us," Washington said. "It's a new currency, it's brand new. But I think over time it's gonna get more popular."

And Patterson believes this is just the start for Owensboro.

"Build locally," he said. "But we think globally."

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