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Vectren says you might see error on your bill, but your total should be correct


14 News has heard from viewers saying there are mistakes on their Vectren bill.

The company sent us a message saying there was a print issue, but your total should be correct.

"We wanted to ensure customers are aware of a known bill print issue that was discovered today (Thursday) and is believed to have affected a select number of Vectren residential electric customers.

When viewing the bill, customers will see the correct ‘total charges’ amount under ‘Your Account Information’.

The bill print error is in the ‘Total Electric Charges’ section whereby customers will see the current electric charges and sales tax, but the description of associated electric fees is missing from the total.

Again – the total bill amount shown on the bill is accurate.

We will be reaching out to those affected by the error and are working to correct the issue.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused." 

We spoke to viewers who thought the error would mean they would end up owing more money than what was shown, but according to the message from Vectren, that is not the case. 

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