Evansville murders nearly triple in 2017

Evansville murders nearly triple in 2017

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - This year in Evansville, the number of murders in the city has almost tripled.

We spoke with the Evansville Police Department and officials with the Vanderburgh County Prosecutors Office about all the murder cases they've worked this year.

One word kept coming up: shocking.

"It's disturbing. I don't like to see it; this is a city where I've chosen to raise a family, and I really love Evansville, and it pains me to see that type of a crime trend," said EPD Captain Andy Chandler.

From 2015 to 2016, Evansville's murder numbers doubled, and this year they've tripled.

It's an uptick in violent crimes no one wants to see, especially the past few months.

"October, November, December, we have certainly seen a great deal of shootings. That's probably what's on most people's minds," Chandler said. "The shootings and the shots fired runs, and then, of course, we've had eight homicides from October to the current date."

Chandler said investigators worked overtime to investigate these cases.

He said most involve drugs, and the vast majority of people committing these murders are young men who started getting in trouble as juveniles.

"80 to 85 percent of all these juveniles come from a fatherless home," he added.

He explained that is why EPD hosts several different programs like 911 gives hope to work with those who come from broken homes.

He said even though he's worked a lot of murders this year, it never gets easier to tell the families.

"You have to go and talk to a family member and tell them a loved one is dead," Chandler continued. "That's difficult, but to go and tell a family their loved one is dead because of a violent act, that's even more."

Chandler said he hopes they don't have to give that news to another family as 2017 wraps up.

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