Exclusive: People who found remains in Wayne Co. talk to 14 News

Exclusive: People who found remains in Wayne Co. talk to 14 News

WAYNE CO., IL (WFIE) - The Wayne Co. Coroner's Office confirms remains were found Tuesday in Wayne County.

We have reached out to several contacts with Wayne County and Illinois State Police.

Everyone we've spoken with has directed us to the FBI.

A media relations person with the FBI says this is their case, and they have no comment.

We spoke to several sources who led us to a rural location near Boyleston.

Our reporter, Aesia Toliver, found the site, which is still being blocked off by authorities.

She got close enough to see the FBI's tent and people in white hazmat suits looking through the woods.

She also spoke to Carl Vaughan, the man who says he discovered the remains, and his girlfriend Jacque Beck.

"He's like I found something. I said, 'what'd you find.' He's like, 'I found a body,'" said Beck.

Beck says Vaughan was in the area to cut up a fallen tree when something shiny caught his eye on the west end of the property.

She says, at first, Vaughan thought it was a turtle shell, but as he got closer he realized it was a skull.

He immediately called police.

Officials couldn't find the remains, so he and Beck showed them where it was.

"They followed us and we got there, and we turned the corner I could see it. I mean I knew what it was. I didn't even have to get out the truck," said Beck.

Beck says it looked like part of the remains were wrapped in a blanket.

She says they've had a hard time dealing with that image, but hopefully this will bring someone, somewhere, the closure they've been needing.

"I slept better last night. I didn't sleep good the first night, said Beck."

Beck says some of the land where the remains were found had been burned to make it easier to farm..

She says maybe that's why they have now being discovered.

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