Pig problems at Henderson Humane Society

Pig problems at Henderson Humane Society

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - An unusual problem at the Henderson Humane Society is causing concern for city officials.

It's not about cats or dogs. The problem is bigger than that, literally.

A trend popping up everywhere on social media is having micro pigs as pets.

It's all fun until the animals grow to weigh hundreds of pounds, and they tear up your yard.

Right now, the Henderson Humane Society has six pigs, and most of them are pretty big.

Animal control officers suspect people are getting what they think are micro pigs for pets, assuming they'll stay the size of a puppy.

Four of the pigs are up for adoption, while two are being cared for at a foster farm.

Officers say adding to the problem, some people in the city limits are not aware of the rules.

"You cannot have pigs in the city. We want them to be aware of that. Because, if they're not aware, then it becomes our problem," said Angela Hagedorn of the Henderson Humane Society.

Animal control officers are waiting to see if a livestock farmer or those involved in 4-H are interested in adopting the pigs.

Until then, officers are hoping you think twice before keeping a pig as a pet.

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