Murder suspect Martin's mother speaks out: 'This was my biggest fear'

Murder suspect Martin's mother speaks out: 'This was my biggest fear'

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - "He had issues and this was my biggest fear and everybody always thought I was bad because I always said, he don't need to get out of prison. There's some people that don't need to be walking the streets," said Earl Martin's mother, Donna Stephens.

Stephens said she still feels like she's living in a nightmare.

"It's just hard to imagine that your child could do this. I know he's a grown man but he's always had issues. He'd been better off if he just stayed locked up," she said.

Stephens said Martin has spent the past 17 years in and out of jail. She explained his father had schizophrenia and that he showed signs of it as well but was never diagnosed.

"I knew he was sic,k but I didn't think he was like that. It's just unbelievable I mean nobody can believe it, but it happened you know. You got to deal with it. I'm just glad he will never get out again," she added.

Stephens said she found out about Bradfield's body after Martin confided in his only 16-year-old son. His son said Martin told him not only did he shoot Bradfield, but that he took her body into the basement and used lawn tools to dismember it.

"Yeah there's a bullet hole in your bedroom door. I said 'What?' But the door is always pushed back like this so I never noticed it. I said, 'Yeah there is.' So he said let me go ahead and see if this body is still out here. He went to the trashcan said yeah it's still in there. So I said let me get out here and look and I got up on it. You couldn't smell anything until I got up on it," said Stephens.

Stephens said police confirmed to her, it happened in her basement.

"They say he did it in the basement but it doesn't look any different than it did before," she added.

She said she is still trying to understand why this happened.

Stephens said she has only talked to Martin once since the incident.

"He tried to call me a couple times but I only called him once. I said what in the hell were you thinking? How could you hurt so many people? I just don't understand it," She said.

Bradfield's ex-husband said she was a loving mother who cared about her daughters and that she was a good person who did not deserve to die this way.

"It was my worst fear, my worst fear that he would hurt somebody like he did," Stephens said.

She said her and her family are going to enjoy the holidays the best they can and that her and her grandson are going to get counseling.

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