Local emergency crews switch to smarter, silent dispatch system

Local emergency crews switch to smarter, silent dispatch system

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - In an emergency, a few minutes can feel like a lifetime..

Now local crews have a new piece of technology on their side, to help them get to you faster than before.

"It's an intelligence dispatch system in that it's designed for efficiencies," says Lee Turpen with Evansville AMR.

Here's how it works..A dispatcher will still answer when you dial 911, but instead of looking at a map, trying to decide where their closest emergency crews are,
the new system takes care of that. Then alerts crews that they're needed.

That tone comes through on their phone. All they have to do is press a button, acknowledging that call, letting crews back here know they're on their way.

"They get all the info before the truck is dispatched. So, when you're going on a run, you know exactly what you're going on," said AMR veteran Paramedic, John Wilcox.

This system has more than 7,000 points of interest places you'd recognize, like churches or parks.

"For example, under the old system, we'd take a call to respond to Eastland Mall. And then we'd take a verbal cue about what door or store to go to. Well, now Logis knows that if we're going to Hot Topic, it knows what the closest door is, it'll actually take the phone to that door to enter..." says Turpen.

This helps paramedics and EMT's pinpoint an exact location where they're needed in an emergency and allows dispatchers like Tosha Hakes focus on what she needs to do to get those crews to you..

"And then now, the crew does the majority, we don't hear the phones ring out loud..we have no radio traffic anymore..So, it's definitely gone very, very quiet. I like it! It's definitely different. So, very quiet but I personally like it.."

AMR officials say they're the first in the Tri-State with this exact program. If cell phone systems go down, they have radios ready as a backup.

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