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Helping Breast Cancer Patients Look & Feel More Natural

Reporter: Shannon Samson

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

New technology is giving mastectomy patients a non-surgical alternative to breast reconstruction: a new type of prosthesis that contours to the chest wall like a puzzle piece.

A Georgetown, Kentucky orthodontist created Radiant Impressions after his wife lost a breast to cancer.

He went with her to look for a prosthesis and wasn't impressed with what he found. He figured if he could make false teeth look real, he could certainly create a more life-like breast.

Two years later, his product is available across the globe. Cancer patients who lose one or both breasts have few options when it comes to replacing them without surgery.

Eddie Cronin, 'A New Me,' says, "In the past, they're used to wearing something like this which is very hot, very slick. It would pull a lot of sweat in the back area when applied to the chest wall."

The new Radiant Impressions breast prosthesis is made with silicone foam that mimics the feel, weight and movement of real breast tissue.

"This one here actually has little tiny pellets inside of it, or little tiny holes that are all channeled to these three holes down on the bottom here which makes it a lot more breathable and a lot more pliable as well," says Cronin.

It's designed to fit better too.

A technician takes a plaster mold of the patient's chest so the prosthesis will fit the surgical site exactly. The manufacturer then duplicates the existing breast and nipple. The resulting form can be glued to the chest wall or worn inside a swimsuit or bra.

Cronin says, "These [here] have to be worn in a pocket, this is a very slick based. This one kind of grips to the skin anyway, so you can wear it in the normal bras."

The prosthesis is available in 21 skin tones, including several darker shades for women of color.

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