EPD gives update on deadly crash investigation

EPD gives update on deadly crash investigation
Fredrick McFarland (Source: Evansville Police Department)
Fredrick McFarland (Source: Evansville Police Department)
Princess and Prince Carter. (Source: Facebook)
Princess and Prince Carter. (Source: Facebook)

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville Police held a press conference Thursday afternoon on the police chase and deadly crash that happened last week.

Police say they were chasing Fredrick McFarland, when the car he was driving hit another car.

That crash killed 7-month-old Prince and his sister, 2-year-old Princess Carter.

Officers say they have completed the search of McFarland's car.

They say they found a loaded a gun, and will be requesting additional charges be made against McFarland.

"While the probable cause that we needed to make the car stop that night was a false license plate, we believe that this pursuit was related to an individual with four prior arrests for illegally possessing a fire arm doing whatever he needed to do to avoid a fifth arrest," said Sgt. Jason Cullum.

Police also say they discovered important information from the black box of the car he was driving.

Officers say one second before impact, McFarland was driving 74 miles per hour, and he never hit the brake.

They say that's up from 61 miles per hour five seconds before the crash.

"The 61mph speed limit is something that caught our attention, because as we reviewed our pursuit data over the last several years, we found that most of our pursuits in Evansville the top speed is listed at 55-60mph. So at that point, his speed was not out of the realm of normal pursuits in Evansville in the areas that we patrol," said Sgt. Cullum.

Police showed surveillance video from a business at the corner of Garvin and Monroe, about one block from the crash.

They say it shows there was significant distance between McFarland's car and the first officer in pursuit.

McFarland is still in the hospital.

Court documents show he's facing two counts of resisting law enforcement causing death and two counts of resisting law enforcement causing serious bodily injury.

We're told he will also be charged as a habitual offender.

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Jennae Carter, the mother of Prince and Princess, was released from the hospital Monday. She suffered a concussion and broken nose in the crash.

Her husband, Terrance Barker, is in the hospital on life support.

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