New grocery store could replace the downtown Evansville IGA

New grocery store could replace the downtown Evansville IGA

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - As we first reported Monday, the IGA on North Main Street is closing at the end of December. People who live in Jacobsville and rely on the grocery store are not happy to see the store go.

Across the board, shoppers told us they are sad to see IGA go. For many of them, this is the only convenient place to buy groceries.

When IGA closes at the end of the month, shoppers will have to travel farther for the essentials.

Brooks said, "I love this place."

She takes a $5 cab to the IGA about twice a week.

"I live on a fixed income, so if I have to go all the way out to the one on Diamond Avenue, that's going to be like $15. To me that's bread. That's milk. That's eggs," said Brooks.

She has been shopping at that IGA for more than a decade. Come December 31, that will have to change. Her options are limited.

"There are no groceries in the downtown area either," says Jan Niehaus.

Kelley Coures with the Department of Metropolitan Development said the neighborhood is at an almost 40 percent poverty rate. That makes it difficult to keep a large supermarket in business. So what will take IGA's place?

"I think they're just going to put a new store here," said Billy Bolin.

Coures said that is in the works.

"The avenue that we're maybe going to take here is to make the market try to fit the neighborhood better," said Coures.

He feels a different grocer catered to this neighborhood could be more sustainable. The area is a federally declared promise zone, so government money is an option. Coures is working with ECHO to find the best solution. Until then, people will have to find other places to shop.

Shoppers will have to goodbye to their neighborhood grocer.

Coures told us getting a new business in the building will take time.

He wants shoppers to know that they are doing their best to get a source of fresh food in there as soon as possible.

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