Owensboro named one of top cities for millennials to move to

Owensboro named one of top cities for millennials to move to

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - A recent article names Owensboro as one of the top 11 cities in the country for millennials to move to.

Cities among that list? The likes of Austin, Texas and Seattle.

"If you just look at the title 'Forget New York, millennials are moving to these cities and for Owensboro to be listed as one of those, it's just fantastic news for us," Dave Kirk with Visit Owensboro tells us.

Business Insider's article released last week has the community abuzz. Especially because of the cities Owensboro was listed with.

"To be compared to a city like Pittsburgh that you know that is quite a bit more population than Owensboro, it's an extreme compliment and it's a testament to what the investments have been throughout Owensboro," Kirk explained.

Those investments, including the multi-million dollar river walk and revitalized downtown, are attracting more millennials than ever right now.

According to the article, 48 percent of the home buyers in Owensboro were millennials in 2015. Angela Clark at Tony Clark Realtors has seen the increase first hand.

"We're seeing a good increase of about 10-15 percent year over year," Clark said. "I think what's interesting about home ownership, especially when we talk about millennials, is it's all about affordability."

The average three bedroom and one and a half bath home in the area is $140,000.  This allows young professionals and couples to make an easy choice for their financial needs.

"My take on millennial home buyers is that they're smart," Clark said. "They listen to their parents, their grandparents. They're coming in prepared for home ownership. They've done their research."

And these young people are making it easy to see why they want to be in Owensboro.

"Convenience, affordability, it's where everyone wants to me," Kirk said.