Local CBD Oil retailer disappointed, not worried about Governor's decision

Local CBD Oil retailer disappointed, not worried about Governor's decision

INDIANA (WFIE) - Governor Eric Holcomb is giving Indiana retailers 60 days to get cannabidiol (CBD Oil) off their shelves.

The governor is directing state excise police to resume checking stores for marijuana derived oils after the state's attorney general declared them illegal.

The employees at Puff N Stuff Vapors on Evansville's East side said they are not exactly concerned about that 60 day deadline. But they say they are disappointed that their customers, who rely on CBD Oil, could soon have to find a different form of treatment.

Michael Renschler: "It's just sad to say they're getting in the way of something that's totally organic," explained Michael Renschler, Puff N Stuff Vapor employee. "It's helping people without side effects."

Renschler says some customers have drastically reduced or eliminated the other medications they took, thanks to CBD Oil.

"I'm supposed to be on about 10 pain pills a day," said Arthur Cuevas, Puff N Stuff manager. "I haven't touched a pain pill in four years just because I use CBD every day."

Cuevas has been using CBD Oil for four-years to treat a number of health issues causing him pain. Not only does Cuevas rely on the product, but so do his customers, especially those suffering from seizures.

"With their seizure medication, it's $400 [bucks] a month," Cuevas stated. "A bottle of this is like $20-30 [bucks] and lasts them a month. Big big difference, and with the seizure medications they get side effects and the have to take other medications to counteract those side effects. You take this it helps your problem you're done."

Cuevas and Renschler both say customers come in concerned about whether they can legally purchase the product.

"I just tell them don't believe what they read," Renschler explains. "If we can't carry it, we'll let them know."

Renschler says 0.03 is the legal limit of THC allowed in CBD Oil products. All of the products they carry are at or below that level. 90 percent having no traces of THC.

Now, excise police will be checking businesses for CBD products containing THC.

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