Parent concerned with bus driving under falling tree, power line

WARRICK CO., IN (WFIE) - "There were kids on these buses, including one of my own just this morning," Parent Dominic Martin said.

Martin says a stretch of Martin Road in Newburgh has been closed for the past few days for a downed tree, that was leaning on a power line.  
Martin says cars have continued to drive around the "road closed" signs.

"What was most concerning is for the last two days in a row," Martin said on Tuesday. "The school buses from Warrick County School Corp. have been proceeding to go around the signs and drive underneath the tree hanging in the wires."

At times, Martin said, tree limbs were scraping the top of the bus. 
Power lines were keeping the tree off the road.

On Tuesday, that tree was cut down.

"We are very happy to see the tree is coming down," Martin said. "That means we are not going to have buses, cars and everything else driving underneath an overhanging tree, that could basically come down at any minute."

Warrick County School officials say their bus drivers are not supposed to go down roads that are closed. School officials say they are going to remind drivers they shouldn't do that.

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