AG Curtis Hill issuing opinion calling CBD oil illegal in Indiana

AG Curtis Hill issuing opinion calling CBD oil illegal in Indiana

INDIANA (WTHR AND WFIE) - Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill plans to release an advisory opinion today declaring CBD oil illegal in Indiana.

WTHR reports the AG's office has been researching the issue in the months since a CBD crackdown across the state.

There will be an exception to this opinion. In the 2017 legislative session, state lawmakers created a registry for Hoosiers who have epilepsy and whose seizures cannot be effectively treated otherwise.

CBD oil has proven very effective in reducing seizures.

People signed up for that registry can still use CBD oil even after the AG's opinion today. For the other 99.9 percent of Hoosiers, though, it is now a different story.

Indiana Excise Police raided stores across Indiana, citing them for possession of marijuana. That's because CBD oil comes from a cannabis plant -- the same type of plant cultivated for marijuana.

Marijuana can cause a high because it has high levels of THC.

CBD oil comes from a different kind of cannabis plant that has little or no THC and cannot cause a high at all.

But because cannabis is listed as a controlled substance under federal law, Attorney General Curtiss Hill has decided it is not legal in Indiana and those who possess it or sell it can be charged with a crime.

That will be devastating news for thousands of people who rely on CBD oil to reduce their pain and anxiety.

Today's news will have a major impact on those families and also on businesses across the state who sell it.

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