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Under Construction: Evansville Regional Gets Improved Runway

Reporter: Kim Dacey

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

There will be fewer people flying from Evansville's Regional Airport after September 19th. Planes won't be able to take-off or land while the main runway is closed for construction.

Construction crews will take over to build a new taxi-way to the apron.

Assistant Airport Manager Gene Olsen says the construction is an effort to ultimately make for safer air traffic on the runway.

"Will help eliminate runway crossings by aircraft on the ground. That will make landing safer in the end," says Olsen.

But for the two to four weeks it will take to finish the construction, planes will have to use the second, shorter runway.

"That means they're probably going to reduce their loads that they take-off out of here, which means, they're probably going to reduce the number of seats they're going to sell during that time period," says Olsen.

The shorter runway also does not have the same instrument landing system features that pilots use to help them land in bad weather.

Olson says that shouldn't be a problem when the sky is clear. But in bad weather, flights may have to be diverted.

But potential passengers don't seem to mind.

Richard Zuccaro says, "That wouldn't restrict us at all, because we still can make do somehow."

Pam Cassell says, "September's a pretty popular month for travelers- it's still summertime. It wouldn't bother me but it may other people."

"We're going to be as safe as we ever were. Safety won't be compromised by this project at all," says Olsen.

Olsen says, "We look at it as a short period of pain that will result in a lot smoother operation in the future."

If you're flying after September 19th, check with your airline to make sure your seats are still good.

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