Local organization steps up to help Owensboro family

Local organization steps up to help Owensboro family

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Being a caregiver can be tough, it can be even harder when there are two to care for ,or more.

We met a Tri-State woman doing just that. Even though the family was running short on resources, they aren't running low on hope.

Becca Weinhandl is not a nurse, she's not a pharmacist, but some days she feels like both. Drawing up medication for her husband, Josh, and daughter, Carlee.

A little over a year ago, doctors diagnosed Carlee with catastrophic epilepsy, a severe form of infantile spasms. At just two-years-old, Carlee also has cerebral palsy.

"She could have seizures in the middle of the night," Becca explained. "It's hard to sleep when you don't know if your child could wake up the next morning.

Becca and Josh Weinhandl, along with their three children moved west in May 2017, to see if THC treatment could help Carlee.

"In Colorado, we didn't have that fear, because she didn't have seizures there," Becca said.

The family of five lived in a small trailer. With three kids, money was tight.

So, they moved back home to Owensboro this summer and planned to sell some things they didn't need, like Josh's motorcycle.  The day before the sale, another punch to the gut.

"An officer showed up at my house and said 'Are you Rebecca?' And I just broke down," Becca recalled. "I knew something was wrong."

She learned her husband crashed his motorcycle on I-69 in Evansville. The wreck threw Josh off an overpass crushing numerous bones in his body.

"I'm pretty lucky to be as lucky as I am," Josh stated.

Despite these obstacles, their spirit never wavered. And it is that attitude that inspired the local Eagle Auxiliaries to give them a hand.

The proceeds, from a benefit planned for this weekend.

"When I met them, I couldn't believe how awesome they all are, and how upbeat they all are, despite mounting concerns," explained Susie Gough, an Eagle member. "And they would do anything they can to stay together, and we're going to do anything we can to help them."

The Eagle Auxiliaries are putting on an event Saturday in Evansville to benefit the Weinhandl family you just met.

"It's, it's awesome," Josh said. "I had no idea."

It starts at 3 p.m. and will go till midnight.

Local bands like "Tastes Like Chicken" will be performing. There will be raffles , food trucks, and games like Cornhole. Everybody is invited.

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