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Some downtown businesses getting improvements in Tri-State


As the City of Mt. Vernon grows, so do efforts to revitalize downtown businesses.

Four different businesses will split $20,000 in grant money so they can fix up their storefronts. Redevelopment Commission officials say seven different business owners applied for the grant. 

Todd Burnett was one of them. He owns The Fox Barber and Grooming Lounge on the corner of 2nd and Main Streets. 

"Really excited," Burnett said. "Number one, Mt. Vernon is a great community, and we are trying to do a lot of things to beautify the downtown area. I have done a lot on the inside, and I want to make the outside matches as well. So really excited."

The grant he'll receive is one of four that started as an idea a few years ago when the city established the Downtown Redevelopment Area TIF District. Now businesses within the district reap the benefits of the grant program with money to get a new look and fresh feel.

"This has to be done on the front of the project," Mount Vernon Downtown Redevelopment Commission President Ed Adams said, "So none of the money will be spent on the inside, but this is an effort to make your business look better. Whether that be new windows, doors, changing the look of the building.

We're told there are plans to start another grant program in 2018. 

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