Gibson Southern students stepping up to give back to community

Gibson Southern students stepping up to give back to community

GIBSON CO., IN (WFIE) - We are taking a look back at Sunrise School Spirit, highlighting some of the schools we visited this year.

One school knows what it's like to come together as a community and help others.

You wouldn't believe at 6 a.m., high school students were wide awake, bringing high-energy to the football field. But that's exactly what they did.

All of them coming together to show off their school spirit and camaraderie.

"You know, it's great to have a school that supports you with everything," Dylan Stefanich, Gibson Southern student, explained. "You know the soccer guys are all painted up getting out and doing their thing. The cheerleaders doing their thing. The band their writing some stuff and it's just everyone is getting into it so it's a lot of fun."

The Gibson Southern Titans know how important that support is, not just in their school hallways, but out in the community. So it's no surprise they brought more than 20,000 pounds of can goods.

All their hard work will help feed the hungry in their county. But this isn't the first time they've given back.

Back in March, a tornado ripped through their county leaving many homes damaged.

"It was really hard to see some of the families," explained Andrew Smith, Gibson Southern junior.

But within the next day, the football team sent out a push on Twitter asking who needs helping cleaning up. Not long after, they, and other sports teams, were out picking up debris and packing up their neighbors belongings.

"It's really great to be a part of something like that, to reach out and help because we always have each others backs and everything," Titans junior cornerback Smith said.

So whether it's being silly at a pep-rally, feeding the hungry, or cleaning up after a natural disaster, the Titans are there for their school peers and the community.

And always will be.

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