Students learn fire safety in 'more memorable' way

Students learn fire safety in 'more memorable' way

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - It is now a tradition at Country Heights Elementary School.

Kasey, the famous fire and life safety dog, and her sister Kali visits hundreds of schools a year to teach fire safety in a unique way.

Kasey and Kali have been training for this their entire life, since they were eight-weeks old and their owner Jeff Owens got them. They demonstrate things like stop drop and roll, testing if a door is too hot and crawling under smoke.

Owens realizes how much dogs teaching children can make an impact.

"Kids have adults stand and talk to them all day every day," Owens said. "There's not necessarily anything memorable about doing that. But if you have the dogs become the educators, it just makes the skills that they teach more memorable."

And he's right, the kids look forward to this presentation every year.

Kasey and Kali are the fifth and sixth generations to be doing this program. They've helped teach over 5-million children.

Click here if you would like to have Kasey and Kali come to a school near you.

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