Children, parents take a stand against bullying in Children's March in Evansville

Children, parents take a stand against bullying in Children's March in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Children and parents took a stand against the prejudice, bias, and bullying that happens in Evansville by marching in the Children's March in Evansville.

Executive Director of the Children's Museum Stephanie Terry said the idea came to her after attending meetings about things happening in schools and the community.

"As a children's museum, we're dedicated to young people. It's what we do every day so we thought this was a natural way for us to bring some community partners together to provide this platform for community youth," said Terry.

Many of the children raised signs with messages of love and positivity.

"It's an opportunity for our future leaders of this community to promote love, cultural understanding, and acceptance," added Terry.

Kiwan Short is a sophomore at Bosse High School and said after joining student council, he was told about the march and knew he had to come.

"The world is more broken now in society, and this march is for teens and kids to get together and march and walk together to come together as one instead of always hating each other," explained Short.

Short said he still sees bullying around him in the school hallways, but a lot of times it's the bullying you can't directly see that's the worst.

"It's not as open as it used to be; it's more it happens on social media now instead of just in school where it's usually at so now it's here and there," said Short.

Terry said there is one message she hopes people who see them marching, take away.

"Every opportunity you get to express love and not hate," said Terry.

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