Henderson students participate in emergency simulation

Henderson students participate in emergency simulation

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Fifty students at Henderson County High School are ready to handle an emergency situation thanks to Friday's simulation that focused mostly around a vehicle accident.

The students had to deal with high-stress emergency situations.

By doing this, they're now certified by the community emergency response team, after also completing a nine-week course.

Other students participated as victims of the crash and emergency personnel.

They say overall, the experience was really helpful.

"You know, we're all driving and you never know when a situation like this is going to happen," said Madi Tompkins, who was getting certified. "You want to be prepared and know how to handle this stuff. "

"The hardest part is everyone screaming and yelling, saying 'help help,'" said senior Priscilla Martinez, who got certified last year. "They don't know what do. First, you have to make sure the scene is safe."

Students completed fire safety, search and rescue, cribbing, and medical operation.

This was also a training experience for the firefighters and paramedics.

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