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Taking a Stand: #METOO

(Taking a Stand) (Taking a Stand)

In the wake of the awful stories of sexually harassed and assaulted women, a social media movement has been born.

Women who have been subjected to unpleasant and unwanted overtures or assaults have been posting #metoo.

Chances are you’ve seen it online in recent days, and the number of women who’ve been subjected to these behaviors is stunning.

Locally, representatives of Albion Fellows Bacon Center which serves nearly 700 victims of sexual assault in the Tri-State annually, say that they are encouraged that so many survivors feel comfortable enough now to speak publicly.

The #metoo puts the focus where it should be, on the victims and survivors-instead of their attackers.

It takes an incredible amount of courage for a victim to come forward and unfortunately many do not.

Each of us can speak out against the attitudes and behaviors of sexual harassment and violence.

We each have a role to play to stop this unacceptable and destructive behavior.

Local resources are available for victims. Click here for more information about Albion Fellows Bacon Center. 

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