New Beginnings

Reporter: Shannon Samson

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

For people who want to lose weight in a specific part of their body, like the thighs or stomach, liposuction can be the answer. But it often takes weeks of recovery.

However, a new procedure may change that.

Elaine Risso put on 70-pounds when she was pregnant, mostly in her lower body.

Risso says, "I tried everything from atkins diet, to the South Beach to Slim Fast." D espite her best efforts, the weight wouldn't budge.

It was destroying her confidence.
"I felt horrible on the inside because to me, this isn't who I was," says Risso.

Elaine is four-pants sizes smaller thanks to liposelection. Edmond Zingaro, M.D. says, "There's less bruising. There's less pain. There's less swelling."

Traditional liposuction sucks out fat, but this procedure uses ultrasound energy to liquify the fat, for example-  i t dissolves shortening in water.

There's less bruising because it targets only fat leaving other tissue unharmed.

Then, the liquid fat is sucked out through a tube.
Zingaro says, "It's a lot kinder to the tissue, so the patients seem to recover a lot quicker."
It can take about two weeks to recover from traditional liposuction.

Elaine was back at work in four days. 

Liposelection costs about one-thousand dollars more, and it does hurt.
"The first two days I would just tell myself why did I put myself through this," says Risso.

Now Elaine feels like her old self. "I don't get up in the morning and dread having to get ready and go into my closet and try to find something that I'm going to feel comfortable wearing,"  says Risso.

She says two days of pain was a small price to pay to get her body and her self-esteem back. The ultrasound technology is so precise that it can be used almost anywhere on the body.

The same patients who are candidates for liposuction can get liposelection, but insurance does not cover it.
One final note, the new procedure can safely remove more fat than traditional liposuction.