Taking A Stand: Girl Scouts

No matter how the Boy Scouts may try to structure their programming to include girls for the "convenience," the fact is; leadership isn't convenient.

The Girl Scout program doesn't just include girls; it was developed specifically FOR girls. At Girl Scouts, our programs are designed to meet the unique needs and specific interests of girls, including the way they learn best.

We know through research that a single-gender environment, like Girl Scouts, creates an inclusive, safe space in which girls are free to explore their potential and take the lead without the distractions or pressures that can be found in a coed environment.

Our exciting, challenging programs allow girls to take the lead in a range of activities—from kayaking, canoeing, archery, and camping to STEM, robotics, and financial literacy training. And only Girl Scouts offers the Girl Scout Gold Award, the most prestigious award in the world for girls.

Girl Scouts is the organization creating the female leadership pipeline.

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