Lighting Owensboro's 'Blue Bridge' remains in limbo

Lighting Owensboro's 'Blue Bridge' remains in limbo

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Lighting up Owensboro's Blue Bridge is a project that has been in limbo since 2013 when a worker was electrocuted.

Mayor Tom Watson says it has been slow getting the project back on track since the accident.

Mayor Watson explained it had to first go through the court system, but the interest never went away. In fact, the mayor told 14 News it's a popular topic of conversation for many in the community.

However, at this point, they'll likely have to start from scratch and rebid the project and it won't be cheap. That's why Mayor Watson is giving people the option to help financially.

"We put a little box on the tax bill that went out in the mail, asking people if they wanted to contribute to lighting the bridge. They could send in a buck or whatever they want to do, just to kind of gauge the true interest from the entire community instead of just people who have an interest in downtown," Mayor Watson explained.

The mayor also says he believes lighting the bridge would only increase aesthetic value downtown. Lighting the bridge is expected to cost between $750,000 and $1-million.

Watson added if the downtown TIF does well, some of the money generated could help pay for the bridge project.

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