Grant will bring new life to historic Rockport building

Grant will bring new life to historic Rockport building

ROCKPORT, IN (WFIE) - A former auto parts building in Rockport is getting a makeover thanks to a large grant.

The historic building has sat in Rockport since the 1800's. Most recently it was an auto parts store, but it's been vacant since 2012.

"It's been deteriorating and running downhill, and pretty much an eyesore," said Mayor Gay Ann Harney.

Hopefully not for much longer.

Harney said the city was awarded a $500,000 grant that will go toward fixing it up. There is also an empty lot right next to the building that's on the same property.

"We are hoping that we will be able to have a multi-use building here," said Mayor Harney.

The building is located off Main Street right next door to the Richland Medical Center and pretty much diagonal to where the new art park will be located in downtown Rockport.

Harney said there is already a potential buyer who submitted a business plan when the city applied for the grant, but nothing is set in stone.

This is all apart of an effort to revitalize downtown Rockport. We are told work could begin as soon as December.

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