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Evansville North HS students pack their gym with pep for Sunrise School Spirit!


The Husky arena at Evansville North High School was bursting with school pride Friday morning.

Their cheers, chants, songs and games are all for a purpose..helping stock the Tri-State Food Bank's shelves.

"It feels like we're helping the community and giving back to others." said NHS student Payton Watkins.

Students have been busy collecting canned food donations and this morning we found out how much they brought in.

3,420 pounds of food!

"When the temperature goes down, the need goes up and the Huskies have done a great job with their food drive. We are here to help people make ends meet. They shouldn't have to worry about food, so, that's part of our solution and the Huskies have helped us do that today." said the Executive Director of the Tri-State Food Bank, Glenn Roberts.

That brings the Sunrise School Spirit grand total to more than 74,000 pounds of food.

The food collected is taken to the Tri-State Food Bank, then dispersed to food pantries through the 33 counties the food bank serves. 

"People give back to us, so, we should give back to other people. It always comes back. Whatever you do comes back and helps you in the long run." said Sophmore, Steven Kince.

Right now, Gibson Southern High School is in first place. They brought in more than 21,000 pounds of food during their rally in September.

Next week, we are heading to Warrick County to see what the Boonville Pioneers have in store for us.

They tell us they want that top spot on the leader board.

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