Gov. Bevin visits Audubon Kids Zone

Gov. Bevin visits Audubon Kids Zone

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Audubon Kids Zone in east Henderson opened this past summer, and it's already improving the lives of dozens of children in that corridor. Governor Bevin wrapped up a tour at the new facility.

It was a very special day to the dozens of volunteers working with children after school on a daily basis.

We've been following the zone's transformation for several years from when it was an idea, to a 24/7 operation mentoring and tutoring over 35 kids from the east end.

On Thursday, Kentucky governor Matt Bevin got to see for his own eyes what this zone does for the community.

We're told east Henderson has some of the highest adult incarceration numbers in the entire country.

Social workers and educators who volunteer their time told us that has taken a toll on the way of life for children, but that's what they're trying to change. They're trying to build a better community starting with the youth.

"To infuse hope and possibility into little seeds of future thinking into these young minds. Young people are just fertile ground, and it's that fertile ground that's being nurtured here," Bevin told 14 News. "I'm enjoying meeting them more than they're enjoying meeting me."

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