The Programmable Thermostat


In any given year, few of us buy a new home and there may be less than a 50/50 chance that we will buy a new automobile. So what can we do TODAY to save energy and provide some relief to our pocketbooks? A programmable thermostat may provide an answer.

Programmable thermostats allow more suitable temperature settings when people are away from home or are sleeping, but there are other benefits.

It is difficult to strike a satisfactory balance between comfort and savings with a mechanical (non-digital) thermostat.  Also, a programmable thermostat provides a more consistent and accurate temperature. The oscillations in temperature between the high and low points may be half that of a mechanical thermostat, which leads to better comfort at a more economical setting in both hot and cold weather conditions.  They are an inexpensive energy saver, and they can be obtained for less than $150 in most instances, plus installation. Installation is relatively simple, and an experienced technician can install one and explain its use in a matter of minutes. If the installation is combined with a routine system check and cleaning --- you are having your HVAC system checked for operating efficiency and safety by a qualified technician at least annually, aren’t you? --- then the labor cost to install a programmable thermostat could be as little as: zero! 

(If you call Jack Frost for a routine system check and cleaning or any other kind of service, and let us know you want a programmable thermostat at the time of the call, we’ll install it for no additional cost beyond the additional cost of the thermostat itself, as a special service to you!)