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Programmable Thermostat Tip

Most people set the thermostat for a higher temperature while they are away from home for a weekend or longer in the summer, like for example 80 degrees. That may not be a good idea.

During hot weather, the air conditioning will run excessively and unnecessarily, running up the electric bill. And if conditions are cool, the air conditioning may not run at all, which allows stagnant, damp air to encourage the growth of damaging mold or mildew. Instead, set your thermostat so that it will come on for two hours in the morning, when the humidity tends to be the highest during the day. Then, let the temperature range higher during the day. Two hours of operation a day will keep your home fresh in most cases, and will save you money. It will also contribute to lessening the demand on electrical power during peak generating times. If enough people would do that, then the cost of power generation would be reduced, which would benefit us all!



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