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Owensboro man drowned saving 12-year-old boy


There is new information about the Owensboro man who drowned in the Gulf while trying to save a child.

It happened Monday night in Fort Morgan Alabama.

According to the coast guard, 47-year-old Steven Wahler and three others went into the water near Kiva Dunes resort.

Two of the men pulled the 12-year-old boy to shore safely, but authorities say Wahler and Bradley Murphy, of Alabama, drowned.

Friends and family who say they are not surprised Whaler jumped in to save that boy.  The people who knew him best told us he was a great man and they were lucky to know him. They also said his heroic actions this week are just the kind of thing Wahler would do.

When Wahler left for his Alabama vacation, they never dreamed it'd be the last time they saw the 23-year veteran of the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer.

"Steve meant so much to all of us here, not just because making this place run and go every day," said general manager Mike Weafer. "Steve was extremely important in doing that, but because everybody here liked Steve."

When GM Mike Weafer and others got the news that Wahler lost his life saving a 12-year old boy, they weren't surprised to hear he volunteered to help save a life.

"Him responding to a distress call on that beach is something we all expected that he would do," said Mike. "It's just in his nature to help and to fix."

Reverend Larry Shadowen told us the Wahlers are active members of First General Baptist Church and he will be missed around the Church and his coworkers said the same thing.

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