Accountability ratings released for Indiana schools

Accountability ratings released for Indiana schools

INDIANA (WFIE) - New accountability ratings for Indiana Schools have been released and schools fell all across the grade spectrum.

Nearly 30% of schools got an A while 6%  got an F, according to the Indiana Department of Education.  The accountability ratings are based on I-STEP scores.

School leaders tell us they don't get too excited or disappointed by these rankings because 180 days worth of effort is given one letter grade.

Nearly a quarter of schools improved by a full letter in the 2016-17 school year, but some school ratings show the opposite.

Nine EVSC schools show an "F" rating. Superintendent Dr. David Smith said they don't put a whole lot of stock into this particular metric.

In the elementary grades, results are based on growth and performance.

"We're seeing a dynamic of a two-year experience really where this year's growth is predicated upon the benchmark year of last year, so you can have a school that had tremendous growth both years but will actually decline in their growth because of previous years performance," said Dr. Smith.

Changes could come when I-Learn replaces I-STEP as the statewide standardized test in 2019.

EVSC officials believe the data is important but there's a lot more they use to gauge growth.

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