Another lawsuit filed in deadly I-69 van crash

Another lawsuit filed in deadly I-69 van crash

GIBSON CO., IN (WFIE) - Another lawsuit has been filed on behalf of one of the women killed in the deadly crash.

That crash happened 2 years ago, this weekend on 1-69.
Police said a passenger van carrying 24 people flipped and crashed after one of its rear tires blew.

This civil suit was filed in Gibson County Superior Court just in the last week.
It includes a wrongful death lawsuit and personal injury case filed on behalf of Chris Gabriel Rouzard. He's the father of the Christela Gorge's child.

Gorges died in the crash. Her baby was born premature at a local hospital. Attorney Neil Chapman says its a miracle the child survived.
The baby now lives in Miami with Gorge's mother.

Some of the parties included in the lawsuit.. Ameriqual Group, LLC..the van was headed there the day of the crash to drop off employees for their shift..and Service General ..they're the temp agency who employed those workers..the driver of that van, James Allen and his father, Robert Allen are also listed in the lawsuit.

Neil Chapman represents Rouzard in this case, they're seeking damages, which, he says exceed $75,000.

"The companies that were together on this joint venture of transporting Haitians as if they were cattle, really shouldn't get a pass on this. If this were to happen again, who would it be next time?" says Chapman.

No date has been set for a hearing on this recent lawsuit.

Chapman also represents another victim of the crash. Marianie Sanon. She's still waiting for her day in court, which, he says could take at least a year.

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