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19-month-old baby improving day-by-day, after being shaken nearly 1 yr. ago

Wyatt Hill 9-16-17(WFIE) Wyatt Hill 9-16-17(WFIE)

September 20, 2016, 8-month-old Wyatt Hill was shaken so badly, doctors told the family the only part of Wyatt's brain that was working, was the part that kept him breathing.

The little fighter is now 19-months-old, but the journey hasn't been easy.

Wyatt is on four different seizure medications. The family said he's now almost three months seizure free and showing improvement each day. He also has a device that helps him stand and build leg strength. He's still working on trying to hold his head up. 

"He's started smiling again; he's been saying some words," Wyatt's parents Shelby and Jonathan Hill said. "He can say Mom and he can say I love you."

On Saturday, the family celebrated all of his accomplishments calling Wyatt a miracle and they are just thankful he's alive. 

"He's still here with us and we weren't expecting that," Wyatt's great-grandparents Debbie and Donnie Cardwell said. "So we are going to celebrate that. So we are thankful, very very thankful."

Wyatt's parents said he is doing physical, occupational, and vision therapy now, and they hope to start speech therapy soon. 

"We just take it day-by-day and we thank God he's here," Wyatt's parents said. 

Wyatt and his family are heading to Louisville on Tuesday. Wyatt has qualified to be a part of a research study because of his cortical visual impairment.

The family said they would like to see more awareness spread about shaken baby syndrome.  

According to the Hills, a trial date of January 9 has been set for Bobby Rushing, the man authorities say is responsible for shaking Wyatt.

Rushing posted $10,000 bond shortly after the incident. 

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