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Evansville store selling CBD oil despite confusion about legality


A marijuana-based oil is flying off the shelves at an Evansville store. Lawmakers and state officials cannot agree on whether it is legal or not in Indiana.

It's called CBD Oil. It is made with agricultural hemp, and we are told it cannot get a person high. 

You can find CBD Oil in Evansville at Adele's Naturally. Makers claim it is more effective than over-the-counter medicines. Owner Faye Gibson said her customers tell her that it is really helping get rid of their aches, pains, and other issues.

"We have not had one customer come back and tell us it doesn't work, not one, and we hear every day the stories of 'It got rid of my migraines. It got rid of my husband's PTSD. It got rid of my seizure medication.' So how can we feel we're doing anything wrong? We're helping people, and we're hearing great stories every day," said Gibson.

One customer, Gloria Altman, told us she uses CBD Oil.

"I was in business for 53 years, and I've done a lot of heavy lifting. I really messed my spine up, so I've been on pain pills for several, several years, and I thought I gotta try it. If it works, I will be back, because I'm gonna try anything," said Altman.

While the CBD Oil sold at Adele's Naturally is from hemp, which is legal, it can also be made from Marijuana, which is not. That is where the question of whether it is legal or not stems from. We are told Indiana state lawmakers and agencies are discussing the issue.

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