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1 person arrested after pizza delivery driver walks up on robbery


"He kept, kept hitting me to the point where I was in shock, and apparently the pizza delivery man got here as they were running out of the house," says Sean Rutter.

A delivery driver walked up on a man being robbed and beaten in his own home. It happened Monday night. The victim, Sean Rutter, had just gotten off work and ordered a pizza for dinner.

Before it arrived, three men burst into his home.

Rutter was somewhat relieved when we told him that one suspect is in custody, but he was disappointed to learn that man is actually his nephew. Twenty-one-year-old Brandon Hart is in the Vanderburgh County Jail in connection to the break in. Evansville Police are still searching for the other two men believed to be involved.

"While he's punching me in the face he said, 'Don't move or I'll kill you. I'll kill you. I'll kill you," says Rutter.

Monday night, Sean Rutter got home from work, mowed his lawn, then went inside to order a pizza. He flipped on his front porch light, unlocked the door, and laid down upstairs in his bedroom to rest until his pizza came. But, three uninvited guests came first.

Rutter says, "Three gentlemen were running up the stairs with scarves over their faces. I didn't get a good look at them exactly. Just the matter of they ran directly up to my room."

The men took his television, liquor, cigarettes, and some medication. Rutter says they seemed all too familiar inside his home, so he figured he must know whoever it was.

We told him one suspect had been arrested. His name is Brandon Hart. 

"That would be my nephew. He was a good kid, maybe not so much now," says Rutter.

As the suspects ran out of Rutter's house, the pizza delivery man arrived. 

Rutter says, "The delivery man said that they had threatened him and said don't say anything or we'll kill you."

The delivery driver called 9-1-1 and gave police descriptions of the men. Rutter says he is so thankful that the pizza delivery driver showed up when he did and called for help.

"He's the one that called 9-1-1, so thank God for Domino's because I would have been completely lost at that point," says Rutter.

Rutter says he is not sure how long he would have been laying upstairs in his room before he could have called the police.

Evansville Police say Hart dropped his cell phone on his way out of the house. That's what connected him to the scene.

He came back to the house while police were there and said he was checking to see if everything was okay. EPD tells us they have not made any other arrests in this case.

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